Steeped in history of Spanish galleons, wreckers, Indians and pirates, the tropical waters of the Florida Keys abound with magnificent tropical fish and coral reefs, and are perfect for SNORKELING. Leave you car keys behind; take a short stroll to the dock and step aboard our new Deluxe 255 World Cat BowRider twin powered catamaran, the Caribbean Cruiser. Private and Semi-Private Charters depart with a maximum of only six guests, you can enjoy the coastline cruise, and then watch for the waters of the ocean to change color, announcing your arrival at our beautiful Coral Reefs. Making it ideal for snorkeling, shallow reefs are dotted all around; they are varied and individual, and each will leave its own memorable impression. Masks, fins and snorkels are included for the trip at our beach hut. Refreshments, snorkel vests and towels will be on board awaiting your arrival. Beginners can practice with us just off the beach and, of course, will get special attention by the our Captain. Non-snorkelers are welcome. We do provide coral reef snorkel bookings for larger boats, possibly more crowded snorkel tours off property, just ask us for times and prices. Known for its infinite waterways, the only way to really experience Key Largo’s natural beauty is to take a cruise. Join us for a daily 3-hour or more adventure in and around John Pennekamp State Park and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. There is a magnificent underwater world to be discovered. Dolphin and turtle sightings happen regularly on our cruises. Short of time, then may we suggest our 2 hour ENVIRO TOUR or our 2 hour Sunset Champagne Cruise.