Public Cruises

Come Cruise the calm turquoise seas that caress pristine islands and tease beautiful shallow bays of Florida Bay's Everglades Marine Habitat on our 37' x 22' Sailing Catamaran Carolina Moon.  

Also Available as a Private Two Hour, Half day or Full Day Island and Adventure Charters on your private charter with our friendly Captain and crew.

Combo Parasail and Carolina Moon Charters

Our Classie 24 passenger 37' x 22.5' CWS Carolina Moon Catamaran boat offers a very unique Sailing experience as we cruise the shallow waters and pristine islands of the bay. We can sail for two and a half hours between a Port-of-Call, ranging from Ocean Reef to Worldwide Sportsman. Our hotel catering services can provide fresh fruit and cheese refreshments for a Mimosa Breakfast Cruise, Lunch on the Run and cocktails to delightful mimosas, wine & cheese and spectacular sunsets for up to 24 guests. So come on board and Sail Florida Bay and the Everglades Marine Habitat, and toast the end of a perfect day in paradise! Just give us a call and we will create a day to remember, just for you and your guests.

Fishing Trips are available too! Contact our Watersports Concierge for details.