Wave Runners

WaveRunners are the fast and exciting sit on type jet skis that ride one to two persons at a time. And what a time, as you speed along our warm, clear calm waters right off the sandy beach. Blast off to speeds of up to 56 MPH. Large Tour or Ride Area, no canals to drive thru, no extra charge for riders. Age restrictions applies to drivers.

CWS 'For the Ride Worth the Drive' from Captain Darrell on Vimeo.

CWS Basic WR Instruction from Playa Largo Watersports by CWS on Vimeo.

Caribbean Watersports now offers the Florida Temporary Boaters Test both Online Test for $9.99 and at our Beach Counter for $3.00 for your rental of a WaveRunner or Powered Watercraft of 10 HP or greater! Takes about a 1/2 hour to complete and good in Florida for a year.

Your Boating License must have this NASBLA logo on it for driving a PWC in Florida if you are between the ages of 14 through 27. You must also have a photo ID with you, too. Under 14 years of age are not allowed to drive at all and must sit behind. Drivers born before January 1, 1988 (over 29 years old) do not need one to drive. We allow 14 years and older to sit up front with either a Boating License holder of 18 or older or a person 29 years or older, provided that the stop lanyard is attached to that qualified person. Boating License holders may rent if 18 years older.

State Rules for PWC Boating Anyone born on or after January 1, 1988 is required to either have successfully completed a National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) approved boating education course or have passed a course equivalency or temporary certificate examination and have in their possession a boating education ID card and a photo identification card before operating a vessel with a motor of 10 HP or more in Florida. Identification cards for persons completing the course or the equivalency exam are good for a lifetime.

Free Online Boaters Certification Course by BoatUS Free Online Boater Certification Course by Boat-ED

*Effective 10/2017* You MUST bring copy of a Printed Certificate with Photo ID and it is good for up to 90 Days of test! You will automatically receive the card from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission your Approved Certificate In about 3-4 weeks! A paper copy is valid for 90 days from completion of test!
Note: You should email a copy of the Certificate to your own email address, and be able to print it out on vacation or show it on your smartphone!